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NightlyPoe said:
Hiku said:


Was going to say something similar to cdude1034 and SpokenTruth, so I'll just quote them and add to it.

There is a multifaceted problem with how information is consumed today. It's not just a problem with false information, or people's inability to fact check important stories.
Why did anti-vaxing even become a thing? Do you think these people mainly read through pages upon pages of scientific 'research'?
Or was it because of how the story became personally relatable with the 'autism' thing?

I'm betting it's the later.
We live in a world where many people primarily only read headlines, and chanting three worded sentences can be more efficient than actually discussing details.

Build The Wall
Lock Her Up
Yes We Can

So to reach certain people the answer may not be to publish tens of thousands of peer reviewed studies from research (see global warming), but rather to sensationalize a story, like this. And hopefully that incentivizes them to read up on the details, like that one person in this thread. But unfortunately, I'm sure many will not.

Is it ok just because it's true, or just because it aligns with what I think?
It's not like media aren't manipulative even when they publish traditional stories.

And to touch a bit on what was said in the quotes above, I think it's important that a story like this gets the spotlight to highlight just what a ridiculous situation we are in.
In the 80's people expected us to have flying cars in 2019. Instead, we have teenagers defying their parents, and sneaking out to get vaccinations.
That he is legally able isn't really the point. It's ridiculous that he even had to do it in the first place. And that he survived for 18 years when someone sneezing on him could have sent him to an early grave.

The thing is that you guys are promoting manipulative journalism.  In this case, the goal is benign, but it's corrosive in the end.  It makes people trust news sources even less to have such bald non-stories that should have never seen ink in the first place become news for days on end.  And then Democracy dies in darkness or whatever.

Again, this guy simply did something as an adult that his mother disagreed with.  Every reporter that interviewed him or wrote about the non-story needs to find another occupation.  They're simply not in the news business.  They're in the advocacy business.  In this case the test is rather stark.  There is no news to be found here.

Must I repeat myself?  yes, I must.

"Well there it is. You don't get it. What is news to one may not be to others. For you, this is irrelevant. For others, it's a story of taking control against a growing conspiracy that is potentially life threatening for millions of people."

It's a non-story to you because you don't like or agree with it.  You even call the story benign which suggests you don't recognize the tragedies already befalling us from the anti-vaccination movement.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."