bananaking21 said:
Sony isn't attending so that damping my excitement for E3 quite a lot. Also most games for this gen have been announced so I'm not particularly excited or expecting much. Still it will be Interesting to see what most publishers have and what will be announced for this gen

I wonder if we are gonna see the avengers project, or the avatar game by massive. But I doubt it.

I'm going to say yes to Avengers and no to Avatar. The Avengers game has been in development for awhile now, I would expect it to release before E3 2020 making E3 2019 the most logical place to announce it. The Avatar game will likely release Holiday 2020 alongside Avatar 2 though for the combined marketing push and so it can take advantage of next-gen hardware (which will be necessary to pull off graphics comparable to even the 2008 movie) , so it won't be announced until Ubi's E3 2020 conference, E3 2019 will be all about Watch Dogs 3 and Splinter Cell for Ubi.