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This should surprise nobody that played Dead Or Alive 5, it is the exact same DLC model. While I had hoped they they would drop the price for DoA 6 and go with $20 for 1 new costume for each character and 1 new character per season pass, I am not surprised they stayed at the same price as DoA 5's DLC, since it was actually selling at those prices back in DoA 5, largely thanks to the sexiest costumes being sold as DLC (sex sells).

There is some hope for the budget oriented gamer however, Dead Or Alive 5 got an edition a couple of years after release called Last Round, which included all DLC characters that had released up until that point and a selection of some of the DLC costumes, for $40. They may well do a similar edition for DoA 6 in a couple of years. There is also a free to play version of DoA 6 planned just like DoA 5 got, which will have a selection of free characters that rotate out each week. You can also buy individual costumes and characters without buying the whole season pass, so if you main just 1 or a few characters it is much cheaper to buy the costumes you like most individually. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 02 March 2019