spemanig said:
I mean, a least the Sinnoh remakes will look pretty.

Seriously though, Gamefreak needs to learn what the second analog stick is. Kids are playing Fortnite and Minecraft. This isn't the 90s. Children aren't having trouble wrapping their heads around 3D anymore.

Well, you know why they don't do it, of course. Having a second analog stick means more work on them and it means they'll have to actually expand their knowledge of game development. Since this is Game Freak we're talking about, well.

As for remakes... I'm not sure they'll keep on doing them, but then again, with the influx of generation 4 kids on the internet, I guess even those have become beloved classics (ewww) that could warrant a remake. If they do keep coming, then I'm happy Unova and Kalos remakes will look even better than this, those games were awesome (then again OR/AS was garbage so I'm concerned about them screwing up more of these).