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Biggest surprise for me was Samurai Shodown, UNIST, and the fact that Guilty Gear won't be there.
It's not impossible that Samurai Shodown could miss it's launch target, so I'm surprised EVO decided to announce it. But it sounds like SNK have assured them that it will be out on time.
And then UNIST making it in over Guilty Gear was a big surprise. But I do like it. It's nice when games like these get a chance to shine, and I'm definitely going to tune in for some high level UNIST.
I guess Granblue Versus will show up as an EVO 2010 title, and possibly in Vegas as well.

I'm not very surprised by Meele's exclusion. Mr Wizard proposed the idea on Twitter some months back, I believe in reply to something Leffen said.
I'm sure not having to deal with CRTs will be a relief, but no matter how much a game is being played, it's also important to let newer games get a chance to shine, and EVO only has so many spots for their main titles. If that weren't the case, we'd still have Super Turbo, Marvel 2, and Street Fighter 4 as main titles.

But they did say that side games will be treated better from here on, and you only have to switch twitch channel to look at the Melee tournament, or whatever else you want to see. Won't be on main stage, but it'll be there.

There are going to be a ton of memes about Melee though. lol

Last edited by Hiku - on 27 February 2019