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Howdy all!!

As anyone familiar with our forums (which would include nearly everyone reading this, at the moment) knows, the rich-text editor we've been using has gotten extremely antiquated. It's missing a number of modern features and, well - half of what's there barely even works at all!!! That's about to change in a big way...

Up till now, we've been using version 3.27 of TinyMCE - which was released in 2008! To say that a technology released over a decade ago is a bit outdated, would be a fairly dramatic understatement. To that end, I've gone ahead and begun the process of migrating the site to the most recent (stable) build of the TinyMCE editor (which was released in December of 2018). The beta testers have been giving it a solid workout for the past several weeks, and we are nearing "live" deployment. The new editor will be made available to Supporters Only for a period of time, which I believe is the right thing to do in this situation.

The ability to create and edit posts on VGChartz is the lifeblood of our forums - and the last thing I want, is chaos!!! By releasing to Supporters Only for a month or so, allows for a "slow roll-out" to help ensure any critical bugs are found early on in the process - rather than after 1k different users all start slamming the forums at the same time...    ...and besides, Supporters deserve perks like this from time to time, in order to give them a little more bang for their buck!!

There are a ridiculous number of updates and improvements in this version - so many, that I just don't have the attention span to start listing them all out (hopefully one of our beta testers will create a FAQ or tutorial thread, in the very near future **hint** **hint**). In the meantime, just to give you all a small taste of what's to come, here are a few of the biggest differences:

  • New "spoiler tag" functionality. No more ugly background and highlighting text in order to view a spoiler.
  • Real Twitter embed functionality
  • The ability to upload and embed images (500k max) from your local drive
  • In addition to uploading images, you are further able to edit the images (crop, rotate, etc.)
  • More formalized "mention" capabilities
  • A true "mobile" version of the editor (this is new technology to TinyMCE, so it's still in its infancy and pretty lean - but it does work fairly well!!)

There are MANY more features and, more importantly, just about any feature we currently offer today (that doesn't work) is fixed in this new version. Suffice it to say, this is a huge overhaul of the underlying editing code!!!

Supporters will want to be on the lookout for the new editor at some point later tonight. Feel free to drop any feedback, bugs, or suggestions into this thread and I will do what I can to address. Most of our cached files no longer require users to clear their browser cache in order to get the most recent version of these files - but if something does go amiss and things look very wrong, please go ahead and dump your browser cache before reporting a bug...


Last edited by TalonMan - on 23 March 2019