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Zkuq said:
shikamaru317 said:

Personally I've only played KOTOR, Dragon Age: Origins, and Dragon Age: Inquisition by them. KOTOR and DA:O are truly great, Inquisition was only decent-good though, didn't deserve the GOTY win in 2014 imo, was helf back by repetitive MMO style side quests and some poor writing. Haven't played Mass Effect yet, was waiting on EA to do a remaster trilogy for it, but amazingly they haven't decided to do one this gen even though it would basically print money, hopefully they decide to do it next gen. Also waiting on a remaster to play Jade Empire, so hopefully something comes of this

I haven't played KotOR but I have played DA:O and while I did enjoy it, I never got around to finishing it since I felt all the dungeons become a chore very quickly. Also, the game was structured in a very unimaginative manner, which made it feels more like a game and less like... an experience. It's not a bad game and I still hope to finish it some day, but it just didn't do it for me. On another note, I definitely wouldn't recommend the first Mass Effect. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of BioWare either, so you probably shouldn't listen to me.

Yeah, I've heard alot of bad things about Mass Effect 1 gameplay, and the graphics and performance are rough as well on console, even on XB1 X BC it still drops frames apparently. It's why I decided to wait on a possible Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster or Remake collection, because I feel like EA would probably fix the gameplay and performance in ME1 if they do remaster/remake the trilogy. Also, the director for the series said that he wanted to integrate the DLC's into the trilogy if he does get to remake them, so that you play them when they are supposed to fall chronologically.  

I definitely recommend KOTOR 1 (and 2) to you, if you haven't played them, unlike ME1 they do play just fine on XB1 and XB1 X backwards compatibility, or you can get them on PC and mod them. Though I do wish that EA would remake them as well. It's strange, EA is well known to be a greedy publisher, but while every other publisher has been tossing out remasters, remakes, and straight up ports of earlier gen games recently, EA hasn't been. I feel like a Mass Effect trilogy Remaster/Remake collection and KOTOR 1 and 2 Remaster/Remake collection would basically print money, you'd think EA would be all up on that action, but instead they just keep tossing GaaS games with lootboxes at us instead, sigh. 

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