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Zkuq said:
Certainly looks that way, although to be honest, to me BioWare hasn't seemed very healthy in a long time. Also, good riddance. Perhaps I've missed the best games, but so far, BioWare's games have been pretty far from what you might think considering their reputation. Maybe once I get to play some of BioWare's games I've missed, I'll think otherwise though.

Personally I've only played KOTOR, Dragon Age: Origins, and Dragon Age: Inquisition by them. KOTOR and DA:O are truly great, Inquisition was only decent-good though, didn't deserve the GOTY win in 2014 imo, was helf back by repetitive MMO style side quests and some poor writing. Haven't played Mass Effect yet, was waiting on EA to do a remaster trilogy for it, but amazingly they haven't decided to do one this gen even though it would basically print money, hopefully they decide to do it next gen. Also waiting on a remaster to play Jade Empire, so hopefully something comes of this