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Hello VGChartz.

Sometime ago my old Samsung TV broke and now I'm on a quest to get a new TV, that'll definitely be 4K, to get prepared for 9th gen (more specifically the PS5).

But I'm stuck between these two choices, and I would like to ask for your opinion on it.

First there is the Samsung 43MU6100, a cheap 43inch 4K TV for the masses, that gladly goes backlit instead of edgelit opposing most cheap 4K tvs.

The size seems good enough as it'll be going on my bedroom, the price is really tempting and it looks like it's pretty decent all over, so it looks like the best buck for your money you can get to me. Plus Samsung is a pretty good brand too.

I should also add I've already seem the 43MU6100 doing its job in person as a friend have it, but we only watched sports and such content on 1080p as he doesn't have any kind of modern console or PC, and I was quite annoyed by the movement of small stuff I saw on it, but again it was neither on games or 4K content.


Then comes Sony Bravia XBR-55x905f, a pricer but more advanced 55inch 4K TV, that have almost all you'd want on a good 4K TV (even support to Dolby Vision).

The price I can get it is a bit over twice what I'd pay for the Samsung TV but I would be willing to pay for it as it looks like it's worth it (on reviews and youtube everything but sound looks better than the Samsung and about perfect to me) specially being a Sony TV, but the real problem is its size.

Unlike the US here in Brazil we didn't get the smaller 49inch size, which is so damn stupid, so the smallest size is 55, which sounds like a lot to be in my room.

From wall to wall my room is roughly 8 feet wide, and I guess with the wall mount plus my own body sitting on the bed would make my eyes would be around 7 feet away from it, and I fear it might be too close.

My experience with TV sizes only goes so far as 40inch TVs, which looks pretty good on that distance on 1080p and a bit too far away on 4K, anyway, I never have experienced a monster that big of a TV to play or watch any kind of content and I fear it might be too tiring to look at.

So what do you think? Would the Sony TV be too much to me? Would the Samsung cheaper option be well enough for next gen content and should I just go for it?

Pay in mind I need to be fully prepared to enjoy LoD 2 4K goodness on the PS5 and the TV needs to be able to show me that as properly as possible.

Here is Rtings comparision of both TVs for more detailed info:


UPDATE: I bought the Sony TV some days ago, just waiting for it to ship in some days now.

New question: Do you guys recommend any good wall mounts? I need one that makes the TV stick close to the wall but would like to be able to easily handle its back ports too...

Last edited by BraLoD - on 15 March 2019