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NightlyPoe said:
Flilix said:

The line between tabloids and serious newspapers isn't always clear, as tabloids also do more serious stuff occassionally and the serious papers also do stuff like this sometimes.

Nonetheless, the reasoning is the same: every news source wants as many clicks/reads as possible, so all of them write about things people want to read (in varying degrees, of course). Sensationalism and clickbait will never not be effective.

Maybe I'm misreading the public, but I seriously don't think there was an appetite out there for an adult ignoring his parent's wishes about a minor medical decision.

Well there it is.  You don't get it.  What is news to one may not be to others.  For you, this is irrelevant.  For others, it's a story of taking control against a growing conspiracy that is potentially life threatening for millions of people.

It's also one of many similar stories whereby children (and adults still living with their parents) are looking for way to get vaccinated against their parents directives.

You're looking at one article in isolation without recognizing it is part of a larger story.

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