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DonFerrari said: 

Yakuza 1 (or Kiwami) got even more touching on the protection and devotion he gives the little Haruka 

DonFerrari said: 

As soons as I finished I ordered Zero, and soon will be able to give my impressions. So far seems a little slower and not expecting as much plot twists, but I heard good of it and the management of cabarets... plus a lot of the minigames 6 missed returned.

Zero does start off really slow. But it builds up to some really really good things that made it my favorite in the series.
Once you get to Majima's part it should start picking up.

I always recommend checking out this review of it.

Darashiva said:
I've only played Yakuza Zero so far, but I absolutely love the game, and I'm very much looking forward to getting into the rest of the series in the near future. One of my favourite open world games I've played. I love the way the world in the game is designed, being on the smallish side as far as open worlds go, but still feeling big because of how much interesting stuff there is to do.

My favorite open worlds have all been these smaller but more personal ones. Even in Lightning Returns FF XIII they managed to create a very interesting memorable world I cared about because of that, unlike the two previous entries.

Colocho said:
I played Zero and loved it.. raved about to my friends. Jumped immediately into Kiwami...and got burned out. Quit midway. I will eventually jump back into it... just not right now. Unfortunately It just felt too much of the same and kinda got tired mid way thru it.

Yeah that's something I also experience with these games. The similarities can cause me to feel burned out and I take an extensive break before playing the next one. But I find that once the story gets going, I'm always motivated to push through.