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Hi guys ! I'm back from the job and - ....

OH GOD OH GOD ... All these demos lol ...

Few impressions of mine :

- *glups* I'll take the Starlink DLC stuff (I'll main Falco), sad that we have yet to see if Star Fox Grand Prix do exist or not ... (E3 will be the last chance I give it to show itself)

- Mario Maker 2 showed as expected ... but with 3D World artstyle ?! Good :3

- Fire Emblem looks my alley so far, I'll be cautious but it definitely has my interest picked. Although the shcool setting made me thing of Persona for a moment,lol.


- Tetris Battle Royale ... oh boy ...

- Jrpgs, Jrps and JRPGS BABY !! Oninaki has an interesting premise and I'll wait to see more of RF 5 when it'll show itself ^^

- Astral Birth ... All I'll say is that I need it presto ! The active partner mechanic looks rad as hell to rake up loads of interesting combo !

- Zelda Link's Awakening remake :O But it's stylised as hell !

- Also, it is now clear that the Switch got the superior version of DQ XI ... it has the whole game in 16 bit.

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