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SuperNova said:
I'm loving this! the Community aspect of the first one aws so satisfying and this one looks to be even better.
And with Twitter integration this has a ton of marketing potential, so it's a very smart for Nintendo.

(I miss mii-verse though ;___; )

 I miss miiverse too. Twitter/Facebook will do this game so much more justice than Miiverse did, but miiverse was just so good. Sad it had to die.

Signalstar said:
Mario Maker should just be a feature of a mainline 2D New Super Mario Bros. game. No need to be its own franchise.

 Part of me feels the same way, but in the end I know that by making it, its own game has made the tool be so much more indepth and has given us modes like 100 mario (probably even better modes to play others levels this time around). A lot of this stuff probably would no be in it if this was stuck with a 2D Mario game.

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