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Howard the Duck: Pure 80s cheese at its best. Everybody hams it up. Don't take it too seriously, and you might actually enjoy yourself.

Pauly Shore's movies from the 90s (yes, even Bio-Dome): From 1992 to 1996, Shore had a movie every year where he was a major or lead character. I enjoyed all five of them. Especially Encino Man. I just like dumb comedies. Wheeze the ju-uice, buuuudy! Awoooo!

Batman vs. Superman: The extended cut especially makes this a much better superhero flick than people give it credit for. Of course, I've been far less critical of the DCEU than most.

The Last Jedi: Borderline case. The movie was a huge success but has a very, VERY vocal hatedom whose volume and vehemence makes them seem far larger than they are. You can't go anywhere on the internet that mentions Star Wars without someone bitching about how Rian Johnson destroyed their childhoods, and my YouTube recommended videos lists keep getting clogged with 20-minute screeds complaining about a movie in a series of fantasy films about space wizards that use laser swords. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. I''ve watched it like six times already and I fail to see what there is to hate about it. Of course, I'm the guy who unironically enjoyed Howard the Duck and Bio-Dome, so what do I know?