Hiku said:
VAMatt said:

I don't think I ever felt bad in a moral sense about a choice I made a video game. they're just games, nobody actually dies. We're just exercising a little bit of control over how we experience the story. I don't feel bad about any of that.

I've felt bad due to how my choices impact characters in game many times. Most recently in the Zero Escape series, every time I made a bad vote.

It's because some of the characters build up a trusting relationship towards each other throughout the game through the choices you made earlier. Which makes it sting all the more if you chose to betray them, knowing that they still trust you to make the right call.

Oh damn ! I was just gonna talk about this one !

I'd say the worst moment ever I had in the game was to betray Luna during the vote, it never felt right and it never will. (I mean this specially once you see her ending)

Or to be honest, just pretty much about anybody in the game.(Except one) Although when I got thrown under the bus by others at last minute notice, I always felt an indescriptable sentiment of dread ...

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