Evilms said:
BraLoD said:


But what about the 3DS and New 3DS?

PS4 and PS4 Pro? XBO and XBO X?

Those are all more powerful variations of their original systems.

3DS and New 3DS are a bit more like the GB and GBC, as in they had games exclusively running on the later version, so if you go that route at least 3DS and New 3DS have to go the same way.

Except that the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X don't have exclusive games, the Game Boy Color had a lot of exclusive games that didn't work on Game Boy.

That's exactly what I told you.

You used the "by having more powerful hardware" to start your point to reply the other user, and I pointed more cases where that is true as well.

I also separated the Pro and X from the New 3DS, which I told you had to consider as well because it also had exclusive games like the Color did.

So, why is ths 3DS not separated from the New 3DS?

Either GB/GBC and 3DS/N3DS or GB and 3DS.

GB/GBC and 3DS doesn't make sense.