So this is probably PS4s peak week for the rest of the year until maybe the holidays.
2019 is going to be pretty dire. XBO is now even more dead than usual. Vita has nothing left and 3DS is also going downhill fast.

And Switch cant compensate like that. Needs another model or a pricecut or some release dates.

Ace Combats drop was very hard. Hurts to see that.
KH3 and RE2 had great openings. Hopefully they don't drop like AC7.

Mario Kart legs are still insane. Fitness Boxing had a 73% increase this week for some reason.
Tales of Vesperia for Switch still needs a restock.
Zelda still hanging in there while Pokemon confirmed disappointment in Japan.
NSMBUD is performing on par with its WiiU counterpart.

German YouTuber and Streamer:

Me trying to write reviews:
Octopath Traveler

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