mZuzek said:

In fact, Bolsonaro's family has been linked to criminal activity surrounding the murder of Marielle Franco, an opposition politician, whose death has since been mocked by Bolsonaro's sons. Yes, they made fun of a dead person.

Reminds me of this political party we have here, who were founded by Neo Nazis as a Nazi party in the 50's.
They are now our third largest party, and they managed to do that by simply saying they've distanced themselves from the Nazi/white nationalists. Some people are that gullible. Others don't care.
Their party leader was caught by an undercover journalist to sing along to a white power song that made fun of the assassination of a political opponent. Can't say I'm surprised.

Ironically, just a few days after stating that Brazil is the country that best takes care of its environment (at the embarassing speech he gave in Davos, whose poor reception has since been called "fake news" by his son), we have seen a repeat of the Mariana disaster from a few years back, related to the exact same company from that time, which barely paid any of the fines they were due for killing dozens of people and fucking up nature, never mind actually improve their facilities to make sure this never happened again.

See, this isn't just a government filled with hate, prejudice and corruption. It's one that's deeply rooted in crime, and quite shamelessly so.

I heard about that, and thought I'd check to see how you're dealing with all this.
Looks like the promise to fight corruption went about as expected, when you think about the things this man has said and done.
I hope things get better soon, but hang in there.