I've just finished the worldwide software chart for the week ending 29th December, 2018. It will go live on the main site in half an hour or so. It marks the last week of 2018 in chart terms and therefore it's the final retail software chart we'll produce!


Now, turning to the new system, as detailed in the OP:

- Pretty much everything detailed in the OP is up and running (huge thanks to @TalonMan for his work to add all that stuff to the site), though some stuff has changed slightly after experimenting with it while Talon was developing it. @Marth and I have been working to upload shipment data to the database for a little while now. Thus far we've added figures for 700+ titles, but that will be a mere fraction of what we want it to become and mainly covers exclusives for the time being.

- Which leads me to my next point. When it comes to displaying the data for multiplat titles we had a dilemma; since we only want to display shipments in future, how do we determine platform splits? Well, we can't, not without making some sweeping assumptions that basically would undermine our desire to becoming a factual resource. So what we've decided to do is display multiplatform titles as one on the leaderboard list(s).

I'll break down what we're currently planning to do with multiplats using an example. GTA V has shipped over 100 million - http://www.vgchartz.com/article/393395/grand-theft-auto-v-surpasses-100-million-units-shipped/ - but the split across its 5 platforms is unknown and we don't wish to guess it, for this or any other title. The current plan with be to have the 100 million figure show up on each individual game page in the db, but with the clear disclaimer that it's a 'Multiplatform Combined' total. This 'Multiplatform Combined' disclaimer will show up in red in the new shipment box and also on the search results. Additionally, while all five versions of the game will show in the search results, they will only ever take up one ranking position.

- However, all of that requires Talon to do a lot more work on the search engine pages and so it's not currently ready. That explains why for now Marth and I have only been adding shipments for exclusives and also why all of the changes haven't gone live just yet. Once Talon's finished the work on how multiplats end up displaying we'll be able to roll out the new system in full, retire all of the old systems but allow people to continue to access them as 'legacy' features if they so wish, and Marth and I will get busy adding data for thousands of multiplat titles.


I think that covers everything for now. It's kind of difficult to explain some of the changes without visual aids but I've given it my best shot above. If you have any questions though just ask.