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John2290 said:
Bandorr said:
My LG E6 doesn't play well with my ps4 Pro.
If I want to watch DVD/blu-ray on my PS4 pro I have to turn off "deep-color" on the LG.
So I did and forgot about it.

I was playing ni no kuni 2 and one day noticed a setting for "HDR". I then recalled that I had deep color turned off, so I decided to turn it on. I had played plenty of HDR games before, but not when my TV actually had HDR. So ni-no kuni 2 was my first HDR game on an HDR TV.

I was blown away. The affect it has on colors is amazing. I'm a large fan of HDR right now.

The effect on colours is pretty cool but I recommend playing through Alpheniem on God of a war or night race tracks on GT sport to see how  it can work on luminosty and textures. What's your favourite, Btw? 

I don't have many HDR games right now. Spider-man looked very good. Ni-no kuni 2 just looks jaw-dropping in HDR. Various VR games look good, although I can't tell if that is the HDR or the VR.

Haven't played a PS4 game since then though. I'm all in on KH3 so I didn't want to be playing anything when it came out.

I am tempted to get a cheap version of uncharted 4 simply to re-play it with HDR on.  I remember being blown away by the colors at (I think E3?) but never saw it in person.

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