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This should not be a thing any more, imo
It's essentially a form of genital mutilation.

I understand the reasons for this hundreds of years ago when we didn't have showers, etc.
But today hygiene is very different. And like you said, you do this without asking what the child prefers.
One drawback of circumcision however, aside from the pain and the risk of complications, is that the tip gets less sensitive because it's constantly in contact with the fabric of your underwear. So he enjoyment of sex lessens a bit as a result.

It's your kid, but I would leave the choice to the child.

By the way, funny story, where I'm from most guys are not circumcised. We had one guy in our class in middle school who was. And the other kids just found it surprising. No one teased him as far as I know.

Last edited by Hiku - on 23 January 2019