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AlbiNecroxz said:
Marth said:

It does. Mat specified that in a tweet.
But that share of MK8 WiiU is probably less than 0.1%

are you sure about that? I mean MK8 sold 8+ million units on WiiU, MK8D is probably above the 16 million mark. It's a 25% share

Pretty sure. Its about physical sales of 2018. And the WiiU has been dead since March of 2017 xD
Ofc we don't have actual numbers but going by VGC WiiU software dropped around 70% from 2016 -> 2017 and another 85% from 2017 -> 2018.
Most of those 8M were sold in 2015 - 2017.

So I strongly believe that WiiU has no sales power left even in the holiday season.
At the moment MK8 is at 8.42M shipped and we will see on the 31st how many more units were sold in Q4.
For reference that 8.42M figure has not moved at all from March 31st to September 30th 2018 and only increased from 8.40M on December 31st 2017 to 8.42M on March 31st 2018.