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Bristow9091 said:
COKTOE said:

It's almost 1AM here. I'm so tired. YES, is my answer. I will try to elaborate tomorrow. Basically I've just heard it's good. I also really like the idea that all the games are heavily interconnected, with a sprawling story line. I've been interested for a while myself, and own 2 games in the series, but have yet to start them. I think the 2 games I have take place at the same time in the story, but are told from different perspectives. Something like that. Which is also kinda cool. If it's even true. Goodnight Bristow.

I like how you've answered with a capital "YES", yet you've not played the games yet lol :P I mean, we do have very similar taste when it comes to games too, so... but I'll wait for (hopefully) more opinions first :P 

Also not played the games yet and I'm also gonna say YES!

I've played a bit of Trails in the Sky, would have played more + other games however there's the whole too many games not enough time and all that jazz, but from what I did play of that the Trails series looks very promising. I think it's definitely worth a go if you're a JRPG fan and particularly if you like the more traditional ones.

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