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I'm putting this in gaming rather than Sony since it's also available on PC. With that said I'll move on to my topic;

Okay so I've heard of the franchise before but never really looked into it until recently, sometime last year there was an announcement that the series would be making its way onto PS4, with the first entry actually releasing in just a few days, so with that I've decided to have a look and see what it's all about. 

First I decided to pop over to Metacritic to se how the games did with reviewers, and I was really surprised! PS3 scores have them at 86% for the first game and 90% for the second game, which is mighty impressive for JRPGs that aren't called Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest or Persona, lol.

Then I watched some gameplay videos on YouTube, and the battle system definitely looks interesting, being able to reposition yourself and aim attacks at enemies during turn based combat (Correct me if my description is wrong) are nice features I can see being used for tactical purposes etc.

One negative I've read after a little searching is that the games are "very" text heavy, as in there's SO MUCH explaining and stuff that some people actually found it offputting. Now, I don't mind a lot of text and cutscene heavy games, but with JRPGs those cutscenes are generally just static people with lines of text over and over, so I'm a bit wary of that, since some games can seriously drone on and suck the life out of you before you even get to do anything!

So I've decided to come here and ask anyone that's played the games; What is your opinion on the series, would you recommend them? Can they be compared with any other games out there in terms of how they play? When running around I see under the map there's a calendar with "Free Day", does this mean it has time management like the Persona games, and if so how tight are the time constraints and such? 


(Also to anyone that is following my woes, yes I know it's just more games adding to my backlog, but shut your filthy whore mouths! :P)