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Dr.Vita said:
super_etecoon said:
Serious question: How did Playstation AllStars Battle Royale turnout? Did they capture the Smash magic? Were there great characters, and how was the roster in general?

"PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has received reviews that ranged from average to generally favorable. Critics praised the game's multiplayer and fighting mechanics, but criticized its lack of content, still images in campaign mode and few cut scenes. The use of super moves as the only way to defeat a player had mixed reception. While some critics thought it lacked depth, others believed that filling up the meter to land a knock-out added strategy to an otherwise only decent fighting experience. The game currently holds a 74 score for the PlayStation 3 version and a 75 score for the PS Vita version on Metacritic."


They should seriously buckle down and take another crack at it if you ask me, although maybe not have such a questionable roster of  "all-stars", for example; Big Daddy... in no way would I EVER consider him a PlayStation all-star, lol.