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curl-6 said:
CGI-Quality said:

Character models? Yes. Environments? No. Those were two of the biggest games I covered in 2017 and RE7 was, overall, a few notches above Hellblade there. Environments (AO, deformation, Normal/Bumps, etc, etc...) all go to RE7.

Still, I support your overall point.

Fair enough. I guess RE7 just really didn't wow me, I mean it doesn't look bad by any means but it just looked merely decent; character skin looked rubbery, specular was overly aggressive in an almost 7th gen kinda way, and a lot of the textures looked really blurry. Still, I am by no means an expert so you'd know better than me.

Oh, you're forgiven. People seem to have forgotten how good the game looked at the time (understandable, since it also had to go up against BFII that year :P)