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Ganoncrotch said:
COKTOE said:

Yeah, that was a pretty bad f*** up. I meant to go back and black bar it, but double failed. My bad.

Just really love the Orville and looking forward to this season, really can't believe I'm so much more hyped for it than STD/disco w/e 

Seth made a damn fine startrek tribute show, I think if producers over Star trek don't have some contact with him in relation to the next trek project it will be a shame. If that show was licensed it would probably be joint second for me in terms of fav trek shows.


Sorry for the simple English in this, phone autocorrect is killing me in this site, can't figure it out.

Yeah, The Orville is way better than STD. Hopefully CBS doesn't ruin the new Picard tv show they are working on with the same things they ruined Discovery with (new Klingon design, new ship interior design language, too much action, etc.)