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Ganoncrotch said:
Keep in mind this is a service which costs €1.60 per month, exactly how many SNES classic titles were you guys thinking they would bring each month? At 80c per nes title on top of online play in some amazing games I would wager people who use this service aren't feeling too ripped off by it.

It costs in line with a KFC visit for a years sub lol.

Love how every single time people defend Nintendo Switch Online is because "oh but it's cheap" as if that put it beyond criticism.

Personally, I'm paying about $4 a year and why yes I do feel ripped off, because this service isn't worth a penny and I'm being forced to pay to play P2P online that is barely an improvement over the Wii U, if at all. Still no servers, still no messaging, still wondering what those "special offers" even are. The only thing this "service" has going for it are the NES games, and even on that front it's a massive disappointment. No price excuses it.