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Platina said:
Luke from Tales of the Abyss, but at least he's redeemable

Was about to say.
He was intentionally made to be unlikable at the start though.

Some of the cast from FFXIII were pretty annoying as well. In particular Snow and Hope. And at one specific portion of the game during a scene that was very hard to buy, Sahz.

Bristow9091 said: 
omarct said: 
Final Fantasy 13
Worst offender was Lightning, but I disliked them all, with maybe Vanille being the least annoying as she was enjoyable to watch in more ways than one.

At least you didn't say Hope, he gets so much unnecessary hate for being a "whiny emo kid", he IS a kid, watched his mam die, and blames Snow for her death, he has every reason to be the way he is lol. Also how can you dislike Sazh?! :o 

I'll share my thoughts here.
*Spoilers below*
I didn't have a problem with Hope's general attitude. That was understandable. The part I really didn't like was that he actually decided to murder Snow, even though she died doing what she wanted to do, while trying to save Snow. Even though he knows that Snow means well, and how remorseful he was. 

Which leads me to the second one, Sahz.

I really liked Sahz for 99.9% of the game. He was one of the highlights of the cast for me. But there was one scene, very similar to the one I just described, that I just didn't buy. It did not seem like something he would do.
I'm referring to when he considered putting a bullet through Vanille's head. Again, even though he knows what a nice person she is. Just because she, through no fault of her own really, happened to end up in an area where she become targeted by a L'Cie, who 'took it out' on Sahz's son.
That just seemed like a cheap attempt at inducing an emotional response with the audience, without building it up properly. I don't believe that Sahz is the kind of person who would consider executing Vanille for something like that, that she didn't mean to do, even for a moment. Let alone point a gun at her, no matter how grief struck he was. And if it really is something he would do, then in that case it ruined his character for me.

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