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PwerlvlAmy said:
Kerotan said:

We got actual reality today from Sony. A whopping 92m after 2018 and spiderman has sold an insane 9m+ as of November 25th. And both figures sold to consumer. Madness. 

92m is great(gonna hit 100m easily this year)  but the 9m spider-man doesnt look that great if you say only 9m people out of 92m bought spider-man

The PS4 has the best library, so that's actually pretty good for Spidey. If you have to pick a game between all the big third party monsters and the other excellent Sony exclusives, Spider-Man will have to justify itself.

Me? I have to go through Divinity II first, plus I'm kind of waiting for a complete edition of Spidey with all the DLC packed in.