CaptainExplosion said:
Conina said:

Yeah, because that game is in the iOS appstore and the Google Play appstore and ain't streamed. The game is in the digital stores of Apple and Google (advertisement, visibility) and uses Apple's and Google's services (download traffic, updates, handling of all payments...).

With streaming Sony games are staying in the PSN, Micosoft games stay in the Xbox network/marketplace and Nintendo games stay in Nintendo's network/eShop).

The devices are ONLY for input of the controller data and output of the streaming data. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo don't have to pay TV manufacturers for outputting console games on the TV-screen, do they?

Well games as a streaming service is still a terrible idea. It means delayed button inputs, no actual ownership of the game on the players' part, and the service can be axed at any time leaving the games lost forever.

Also, it'll need a permanent connection that is actually good cuz otherwise lags and deconnections might be your best friends there :P

All in all, it's just wishful thinking on some people's part of their all digital agenda.

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