SKMBlake said:
zygote said:

Or Nintendo could innovate beyond people's expectations similar to Apple and create a lifestyle changing use for interactive software putting them into the forefront of technology. I think Nintendo has enough experience and creativity to pull that off, but if they let all this negativity and doomspeak get to them then I guess the magic of my childhood will die with their consoles. So much else has changed needlessly, I suppose anything is possible.

It's pretty much what they did with the Switch, despite the fact that the technology (Tegra X1 ) isn't forefront. But making the "console vs handheld" thing pointless is a pretty huge step forward.


I mean, last night I had a great time playing Super Mario Party with my friends, and I'm still amazed how that tiny little tablet could have evolved into so much more, and isn't clunky at all.


And people'd be like "yeah but xbox one/ps4 is more powerful" but is power still revelant today ? I don't think so. Traditionnal consoles sit between the Switch and the PC, which bith offer flexibility and and adaptation. 


I think traditionnal consoles are no longer relevant.

But he was talking about moving away from consoles period, not just traditional consoles.