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Cerebralbore101 said:
Yeah, I would flat out quit buying Nintendo games if they stopped making consoles and moved to mobile. Phones are horrible game devices. Awful battery life, awful controls, bloated OS, ridiculously expensive, easily cracked screens, and most of the games made to be grindy on purpose in order to get you to spend money on MTX. Even Nintendo's mobile games like Poke'mon Go are like that.


zygote said:

Or Nintendo could innovate beyond people's expectations similar to Apple and create a lifestyle changing use for interactive software putting them into the forefront of technology. I think Nintendo has enough experience and creativity to pull that off, but if they let all this negativity and doomspeak get to them then I guess the magic of my childhood will die with their consoles. So much else has changed needlessly, I suppose anything is possible.


Azelover said:
Nintendo should just keep the Switch going until they can't anymore..

Just treat it like a smartphone, and keep evolving it every couple of years..

You mean you want Nintendo to turn into Apple? Eww!!