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DonFerrari said:
twintail said:

So you will just ignore that TloU released at the end of PS3s relevancy, got a enhanced port for a strong selling PS4 a year later which included the Left Behind DLC, and that PS3 games dont run on the PS4? The latter part especially is incredibly important.

In my comment I am seeing GOTY editions and remasters as one in the same thing. The difference, is that I doubt you see a remaster of something like God of War, which offers zero new content post its original launch. In this way a remaster seems superfluous if we assume PS5 will be running PS4 content and that patches will be made available for existing games. Unless of course said patch is a paid upgrade.

TLoU remaster is exactly an example of what I am talking about. The remaster is on PS4 is essentially a GOTY edition since it includes all the content. It is not just base TloU with players needing to pay for the Left Behind DLC on top of the game purchase.

If PS5 is going to play PS4 games then what exactly is the point of a remaster that offers nothing new besides a visual upgrade that might be offered for free in the first place? I am confident that TloU2 will probably get a remaster but that is if it gets story DLC. Then its re-release with all content will just be a PS5 only SKU and at least makes sense. But after UC4 I think ND might go the route of not doing story DLC and instead just doing a smaller sized game with story related to the main campaign. So a PS5 GOTY remaster that includes both the base game and the secondary game (something like UC4 and LL combined in one package).

Anyhow, so I dont disagree that it will happen, but I disagree that it will happen for games that just dont need it. a budget GoW re-release only on PS5? Yeah, maybe that works. PS Essentials/ hits label without the label attached. But what is the point?

Nope. You seem to be ignoring it yourself. Those reasons are what would make it more likely for Sony to launch remasters/ports of the higher selling games on PS5 instead of giving free BC and hoping to sell GOTY editions. It isn't even nearly the same effect in sales. If it was, Sony wouldn't be doing all the remasters and doing this route. They can do it because they are in a position of power and market leadership. If they needed to gain market favor them they could go the less profitable route with free BC.

SO I'll repeat myself. Sony doesn't have any incentive to get free-BC on PS5 (even more considering they saying that there is low use, coming from a company that put full BC in PS2 and PS3) when they profit much more from re-releases. So even if PS5 could get BC very easily they will rather make a very easily port, with less downgraded assets (already made for original game). The infamous patent for the easier upscalling is more likely to be used to make remasters cheapers to make than they just giving it away.

Sony aren't going to have a PS5 that is not compatible with PS4. It is absurd that you think in this current climate that they wouldn't. Perhaps, the patches to upgrade the games (beyond whatever the PS5 will naturally do, kinda of like PS4P boost mode) will come with a cost, but Sony aren't going to clamp down on what is essentially making them the bulk of their profits: digital content from games, subscriptions and micro-transactions of any game. PS4 BC on PS5 pretty much gifts Sony next gen. They know it. Even MS knows it hence their moves to bolster GamePass and their game studios base.  

As I said before, BC and remasters can coexist. One doesn't negate the other.