mjk45 said:

A quick list, I'm sure I will miss some and some have been mentioned so no use repeating them .
Doom 2 - Earthbound - Beneath a Steel Sky - Wing Commander - UFO Enemy Unknown- Theme Park - Need for Speed - Policenauts - FFVI

Wing Commander actually came out in 1990. You were thinking of the 1994 eddition.

Landale_Star said:
FFVI is a big one. Breath of Fire 2, Mega Man X2 and Castlevania Rondo of Blood are three that I like but are less well known.

Rise of the Robots is an infamous game that turns 25 this year.

My favourite is DKC.

Same! :D

mZuzek said:
Super Metroid.

I wasn't that surprised seeing it there, but when I remember it released a year before I was born, holy crap I feel old now.

YOU feel old?!! I was born alongside the Super NES!!

BraLoD said:
BraLoD turned 25 last year, you are late.

What's BraLoD?

Mar1217 said:
Oh boy, we're nearing the mid-90's already lol.

I know! XD

Spindel said:
Never forget Doom 2, probably the best FPS ever made!

And it has Alice in Chains! :D