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- Got a Switch through a giveaway! Quite awesome, I give it 7 points.
- Played some really cool games for the first time, such as Thumper, Castlevania (1, 3, 4, RoB and SotN) and more importantly Hollow Knight and Smash Ultimate. Replayed Okami in its best version yet (Switch) and grew to love it even more than before. Pretty cool, 3 points.
- Movies: watched Black Panther, Infinity War, and Baby Driver. Not many, I know, but all of them were great. 1 point.
- Also movies: Disney absolutely fucked up my favorite film series. Very, very uncool. −12 points.
- Got a "job" (parents) which I worked for the entire year. Not the coolest thing ever but hey, I got money. 1 point.
- Liverpool had quite an amazing year but losing in the Champions League final sucked. 1 point.
- Came back to college in the second half of the year and it was as bleh as I remembered. Eh, 0 points.
- Brazil done screwed up and voted its way into an inevitable military dictatorship. How about no. −20 points.
- I got a very good score at IELTS, because I don't wanna live in a military dictatorship. 1 point.
- Hosted VGC's annual greatest games event for the first time, cool. 1 point.
- Didn't write a single song. It's the first time I go a whole year without writing anything ever since I started making music in 2011, so, that was crap. −5 points.

Overall yearly rating: −whatever points, 0.9/10 would not live through again.

Goals for 2019? Hm...
- Actually finish my 6th album, which I first started working on all the way back in 2016.
- Start working on my 7th album, which I just began conceptualizing right after new year's.
- Get the hell out of Brazil.
- No seriously, get the fucking hell out of Brazil, asap.
- Get a job and place to live wherever I'm going to (I do have an idea of where I'm going to, don't worry).
- See Liverpool win the Premier League... live, if possible.

Last edited by mZuzek - on 01 January 2019