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I hear people that work in any type of job buy a Switch and play on the go on there lunch break . Microsoft needs a hybrid , Microsoft hybrid would also help Switch pro on 3rd party since Xbox lockhart is gonna be a 1080p console not 4k at all this convince 3rd party to port on microsoft hybrid and Switch pro to have every 3rd party game from kingdom hearts 3 to may cry 5 and a proper port of assassins creed not the stream version


UPDATE:Also the Xbox hybrid should be 30fps to cut cost 


UPDATE 2: So, I wanna play Rare replay , Forza Horizon 5,Obsidian new game, Ninja theory new game, The initiative new game and Playground Games new Rpg game on the go

Last edited by dx11332sega - on 29 December 2018

I game on all consoles and PC