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Most plausible rumor I've heard is that we're getting:

Persona 5 R (PS4 Rerelease with new content)
Persona 5 S (S for Switch)
Persona 5 M (M for Microsoft, Xbox and Windows Store crossplay/crossbuy version)
Persona 5 Battle (fighting game based on Persona 5)

It makes sense that it would come to Xbox and Switch. Xbox execs have teased it a few times now, most recently yesterday it was teased by Adam Isgreen, creative director for MS Studios Publishing (2nd party division). Meanwhile, Joker in Smash was a good indicator that the game is coming to Switch. As for P5B, a fighter makes sense as the previous Persona fighters sold pretty well. R on the other hand was trademarked over a year ago at the same time as Persona 5 Dancing, so it does seem likely that it is for the rerelease version, similar to P4G and P3P. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 27 December 2018