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VAMatt said:
Ka-pi96 said:

32 days? Good luck man!

Any ideas for a name yet?

Middle name will be Harrison.  It is a name associated with a couple of very close relatives that have passed away recently.  As for the first name.....

I'm American and my wife is Croatian.  So, we need a name that people in both places can easily pronounce.  So far, the leaders are Ryan and John (which is also a family name).  We've been using a placeholder name of Kevin.  That started as a joke, but it seems to have really entered into consideration.  Also, I'm pushing for LeBron.  But, were white, and everyone seems to be racist, so they think its not a good name for a white kid.  

Some good name choices there. A white kid called LeBron would be a bit odd, but who cares? If you like the name, and it is a cool name, then why not. Ryan, John and Kevin all sound good too.

Any idea how you'll come to a final decision?