Mr Puggsly said:
So there could be four different Xbox devices on the market at once? Okay.

Are the X1X and low end Scarlett going to be around $300 at the same time?

Meh, I guess the goal is to have all bases covered. But I still think X1 is gonna stay relevant in some form for years into the 9th gen.

That's what it looks like, but maybe they plan to only support XB1 S and X with cross-gen games for a year or so.

They will probably discontinue X in 2020 if Lockhart is basically an X with a few improvements like Windows Central's sources suggest, and drop any remaining X stock down to $250 to clear it out. There would literally be no reason for somebody to buy an X instead of Lockhart if they are about the same price but X can't play next-gen games like Lockhart can. S meanwhile will likely keep selling for $150 or so until it is discontinued around 2022 most likely.