HollyGamer said:
Scarlet, Anaconda, Lock hart??? I am confuse.

I believe Scarlet are the family names of all the future Xbox devices on one environment. One of the device will be Anaconda for premium one 500 USD (i bet it will not be that far from Lockhart spec) . The normal one will be Lockhart which is just another Xbox One X on slim factor that can play Anaconda games on 1080p .

The problem is for Anaconda , calling it premium is overstatement , because Xbox One X to Xbox One S tech is over 2 generation leap. Comparing Lockhart to Anaconda is just like comparing Xbox One to PS4. And cannot be compared to Xbox On to Xbox One X.

And also if LockHart is going to play Anaconda games at 1080 p games, why wouldn't they just release Anaconda games on Xbox One X and make it run at 1080p???

Yes, Scarlett is the family name for all next-gen Xbox projects it seems, while Lockhart is the weaker next-gen console and Anaconda is the stronger next-gen console. In terms of specs, Anaconda is rumored to be quite a bit above XB1 X and Lockhart actually, we've heard rumors of it having at least a 12 tflop Navi GPU, which is double the 6 tflop GPU in XB1 X on paper (and probably more than double in real world performance when you take architectural improvements on Navi into consideration), and I wouldn't be surprised if it has 16 GB of GDDR6 memory as opposed to 12 GB of GDDR5 in XB1 X and Lockhart.

Not sure what you mean on the 2nd paragraph.

Most likely because the weak Jaguar CPU in XB1 X can't handle next-gen games without causing framerate issues, we've already seen several current gen games having issues caused by the weak Jaguar CPU's, those issues will only be worse next-gen with games being optimized for the Ryzen CPU's in Anaconda and PS5. I'm assuming that Lockhart is going to have the XB1 X GPU and memory paired with a low-end Ryzen CPU which should prevent any CPU bottlenecks from happening. Lockhart kind of feels like a middle finger to XB1 X buyers for sure though, and it is exactly why MS should have used a Ryzen CPU in XB1 X to start with even if they had to sell at a small loss to do it, so that it could have played next-gen games at 1080p with no issues.

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