Note: The pricing is speculation by me, it's not included in the report. 

-The first console, codenamed Lockhart, is designed to succeed the Xbox One S. It is said to have similar specs to Xbox One X (but most likely with a low-end Ryzen CPU since Jaguar won't cut it for next gen gaming). The goal is for it to play next-gen games at 1080p most likely. Launch price probably around $350 since it will basically be a slightly improved Xbox One X.

-The 2nd console, codenamed Anaconda, is designed to succeed Xbox One X. This is very likely the Ryzen + Navi native 4k 60 FPS console we've heard rumors of. Launch price will probably be $500.

-MS is exploring the possibility of using SSD's to cut down on loading times next gen (most likely using small SSD's for cache purposes alongside a physical hard drive, since an SSD large enough to hold multiple next-gen games would be too expensive for a console)

-MS is partnering with Razer and other accessory companies to design controller peripherals for playing Xbox games on your phone with Project xCloud streaming, and possibly even a dedicated streaming handheld.

-MS is working on a new OS called Game Core, which will allow full backwards compatibility with Xbox One, as well as 360 and OG Xbox games that are backwards compatible. The new OS is more similar to Windows and should make it easier for developers to release a game on both Scarlett and Windows 10. 

-The rumored discless Xbox One S is still planned for 2019 with an announce as early as January. MS plans to offer a disc to digital conversion program at retailers. Their sources say that disc-drive models will remain an option next-gen, possibly alongside discless models.

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