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contestgamer said:
Barozi said:

They are dead and as you said they had their satisfaction when they died. They don't care what happens afterwards, they are dead.
I value the current will of people far more than the will of the people of the past. As should everyone. By your logic, the will of the people that voted in the 1975 referendum shouldn't be ignored as well since they also believed they left a better future for their kids and grand kids with their vote.

Also if the people (= more than 50%) want another referendum and an existing or completely new party picks up the idea, guess what will happen. Right, another referendum. It could be soon it could be in the far future, who knows but everything is possible.

It wont happen. You lost, you got to learn to accept it. This is a one game finals, a not 7 game NBA series.

Why are you using american sports references? Immigrants are bad mmkay? Go back to america please