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Some of you have begged and pleaded for it - well, it's finally here!!

The "Dark Mode" option on the Profile Settings page has been changed to "Site Theme" and is now a drop-down box. You can still choose between "Standard" and "Dark" themes for the website, but Supporters will see an additional item in the list for "Blue". 


Let's be clear on a few things, right from the start so there is no confusion:

1. I'm NOT done working on the "Dark" theme - there are still several areas that need tweaking, and I'm still cleaning things up.

2. The "Blue" theme is MUCH further along than the "Dark" theme at this point, as most of the User Profile pages have also been converted - BUT, like the "Dark" theme, it's not 100% complete and I'm still working through cleaning up some stuff.


All of this said, I'm more than happy to receive feedback - in particular, if you find areas I missed or have suggestions on how either of these themes can be improved, let me know right here in this thread! :)