Cloudman said:

I don't read AoT myself, but I did have a friend who did, and each time a new chapter came out, it seemed like something crazy was always going on, haha. I did watch the 1st season of the anime, which I found enjoyable.

I also watched the Erased anime, which I found enjoyable overall. I know some people were mixed about the later part of it, including myself, but the 1st half was really great. Is it worth checking out the manga version?

Promised Neverland is one I've wanted to check out for some time. I recall the art style sticking out to me.

Haha, yeah there have been some big WTF moments in AoT. I just thought that this one really stood out, even among those.

I mainly liked the sweet moments in Erased. They felt almost like a Ghibli film maybe? Overall it was a good watch, even if I had some qualms with certain things.
The manga develops some things more and differently. For example, the very first female coworker of his you see at the beginning visiting him in the hospital, she was with him during another incident not shown in the anime where he saves someone's life, and I think he saved her's too, or the other way around. But it makes it more believable why she would blindly trust him as much as she does later, when they had that backstory together. In the anime I found it just a little odd perhaps that she'd trust someone in his position, no questions asked, to that degree.
They also develop his mother's story more. But the most significant difference is the last act, which is completely different in the manga. They basically rushed the final showdown in the anime, wheres in the manga it takes place on a different island, and not the hospital. There are interesting conversations between the protagonist and antagonist that were missing from the anime as well.
But I've mostly skimmed through the later part of the manga, so I will read it properly soon, because yes, I did like the anime enough to make it feel worth it to read those portions of the manga.

Neverland's artstyle is what made me interested in it. It reminded me a little of Deadman Wonderland artstyle, but not a lot. I'm not sure what else it reminds me of though. Can't put my finger on it.
But Promised Neverland is an intense series, from the first chapter.