RolStoppable said:
TalonMan said: 

And you mean (specifically) the "green" thread titles themselves? Are ALL the text that appears on the listing pages?

I swear (and I've just double-checked to confirm), NONE of this was touched - not even for the "dark mode" changes. I only changed font colors within the threads themselves, not on those listing pages...    ...weird!!

The whole text from left to right is smaller: Thread titles, authors, numbers.

I've also noticed that within a thread the text for the Agree functionality seems to have shrunk by the same amount as the text on the topics page. It's odd that within a thread only the Agree functionality is assigned with a smaller than before font size while everything else looks still the same as before. Maybe there's a connection somewhere.

I didn't change the text size, anywhere - only the colors. Maybe white on black happens to LOOK smaller than black on white? You should be able to open side-by-side tabs (one in dark and one non-dark) and compare...


Edit: And yes, I've confirmed by doing exactly as I suggested (opening a page in "dark", and then opening a duplicate page in a separate tab in non-dark) - the font sizes are all EXACTLY the same.

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