TalonMan said: 
JEMC said:

Yes, all the forum sections (Hot Topics, Rorum Index, Latest Topics, My Topics, etc.) as well as the sub index (Gaming, Nintendo, Sony, etc.) appear to have a smaller font than before, and also smaller than the one in each thread.

And you mean (specifically) the "green" thread titles themselves? Are ALL the text that appears on the listing pages?

I swear (and I've just double-checked to confirm), NONE of this was touched - not even for the "dark mode" changes. I only changed font colors within the threads themselves, not on those listing pages...    ...weird!!

The whole text from left to right is smaller: Thread titles, authors, numbers.

I've also noticed that within a thread the text for the Agree functionality seems to have shrunk by the same amount as the text on the topics page. It's odd that within a thread only the Agree functionality is assigned with a smaller than before font size while everything else looks still the same as before. Maybe there's a connection somewhere.

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