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Errorist76 said:
Azzanation said:


Forza unchallenged? Ask every serious console racer on the net..90% of them will say GT Sport is the better game. It has also sold 3 times the amount or more. It seems awards aren’t everything.

GT 7 on PS5 will also have full VR support. Turn 10 and MS better step up their game.

When factoring GT:S vs Forza Horizon 3, based on the data available, it wasn't a shutout. In fact, they sold about the same (give or take - which actually looks much worse on GT). They lost their footing with Sport and should, in my view, forget about it.


Azzanation said: 

CGI-Quality said:

 The difference is God of War winning over a juggernaut like RDR2 is a big deal. And Microsoft released 3rd person action games this year. Neither were GOTY material, which is a problem on their end. Sony had two nominees on the list. That is why I said they're not worried. 

For Forza, it's like a champion boxer bragging that he beat the pants off a drunken rookie. It matters none. Ali vs Foreman? A far bigger deal. That's the difference.

Haha of course its a bigger deal seeing two big games going at it. But like you said Sony wont be losing sleep over the racing genre and same can be said for Nintendo and Xbox because they didn't release any hard hitters in 2018 while Sony did. I mean the games Xbox and Nintendo dished out weren't in the same budget range or development cycle as one of Sony's Biggest IPs and Rockstars 2nd biggest IP they own. I highly doubt Phil and Reggie walked into the Game awards thinking they could steal the show with mid tier games. (Considered none were worthy for nomination) But that's no surprise because they were never meant to be GOTY material, much like Knack and Lucky's Tails. 

Basically Nintendo and Xbox didn't supply a Boxer this round. Different story if Gears 5 or Smash Bros were in there, than I am sure they would be caring more. I am not disagreeing with you, the main event was between GOW and RDR2. If Nintendo really wanted to they could have delayed Mario Odyssey for this year but chose to put it up against there own Juggernaut in Zelda BOTW last year. Because I am sure Mario Odyssey would have been a definite nominee this year. But that's there choice.

But, how Nintendo/Microsoft feel about God Of War sidesteps the point (and you better believe an award win as massive as that very much has their attention). It's simple, really. Forza competed against itself. God of War had real competition and still pulled off the biggest win of the night. Not taking anything from Forza, but it's like I noted, it won in a category where there wasn't much to face, unlike the year it had to go up against both Gran Turismo and Project CARS.