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Azzanation said:

CGI-Quality said:

Of course everyone has their own opinions. No different than any other awards show for stuff like movies and music. But, at the end of the day, individual opinions isn't what people are going to remember. That's why they do the VGAs in the first place. It matters.

I'm just saying that Sony isn't worried about a 'battle' with Forza when they're moving onto new horizons and have benefitted as a result. Losing an award in a genre you didn't participate in is hardly something to fret over.

I agree, what ever Sony is doing is working wonders for them and there's no need to change there methods or strategy.

Sony isn't worried over smaller awards, I am sure of that, but to be fair, you can argue that same point with Nintendo and Xbox as they didn't compete with the main GOTY award due to they didn't participate in it either. Nintendo's game (Smash Bros) releases too late to be nominated in 2018 and Xbox's next big hitter isn't due out until 2019 and didn't release a major game in 2018 aside from a racing game that oddly enough wasn't nominated for GOTY considering its one of the better reviewed games in 2018.

The difference is God of War winning over a juggernaut like RDR2 is a big deal. And Microsoft released 3rd person action games this year. Neither were GOTY material, which is a problem on their end. Sony had two nominees on the list. That is why I said they're not worried. 

For Forza, it's like a champion boxer bragging that he beat the pants off a drunken rookie. It matters none. Ali vs Foreman? A far bigger deal. That's the difference.