Final-Fan said:

2.  Hundreds of ballots showing up in a post office they would not ordinarily be expected to intersect with is evidence that closer scrutiny is merited.  A clever criminal might drop each ballot off at a local mail drop but you gotta go after the low hanging fruit.  

The post office is hardly in a position to be aware of which ballots should and should not be in a mailbox.  They are neither a law enforcement agency, nor election officials.

After a modicum of searching, I have not conclusively answered the question of whether government mechanisms independently found the issue or were provably on track to do so, or whether citizen activists alerted them to an issue they might never have found.  If you have found a conclusive answer to this, I would appreciate ti if you shared the information.  

"Montgomery, 27, lives with her 4-year old daughter in a neatly manicured public housing complex named Twisted Hickory just outside of Elizabethtown in Bladen County. She said she gave her unsealed absentee ballot to the woman, believing her to be an election official who would turn the ballot in.

But she said two investigators later showed up at her house and told her it had never been submitted.

So she went to a polling place on Election Day to cast her vote in person."

And later:

"Election fraud allegations in Bladen County have been around for at least two years, which is when the state board asked law enforcement to begin investigating.

Another document released Wednesday by the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement shows that it had begun acting on concerns about absentee ballots before Election Day. The document was a letter mailed to every voter requesting an absentee-by-mail ballot in Bladen County during the 2018 general election, warning that "only you or your near relative or legal guardian can mail or deliver your ballot to the elections office," and that "only you can vote your ballot." It was sent between Oct. 29 and Nov. 2."

2-2.  I would be interested to know what judges in "higher circles", whatever that means, believes that literally zero people in the United States cast a personal fraudulent ballot in the past decade.

Are you suggesting that "voting fraud is a myth" is just something the plebs believe?  I don't understand why you're trying to drill this down.

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